and multiple outgoing addresses/SMTP servers with one sent folder (Mountain Lion)

I figured out a way to use with a very specific use case:

  • You want to send mail from multiple addresses, e.g. you forward email from a secondary account to your primary account, but still want to send mail from both these addresses.
  • You want to use the correct SMTP server for outgoing mail, but you want your primary account's Sent folder to have a copy of all your outgoing messages. on Mountain Lion (OS X) gets most of the way there by default. You can set up two different accounts, and it will intelligently select the proper outgoing address for replies.

When it does this, it will use the SMTP server you specify for each account. The problem is that when you send mail from the secondary account, it won't end up in the Sent folder for your primary account. Instead, it will be in the Sent folder for the secondary account. This is bad if you're trying to keep everything in one place.

The solution I found is actually surprisingly simple. The trick is to bcc yourself on all outgoing messages:

Then, set up two rules:

  1. Incoming messages from your primary address → Trash

  2. Incoming messages from your secondary address → Sent folder on primary account

Here's an example of the 2nd rule ("Fastmail" is my primary account; the email address for my secondary account is blurred out):

When I send mail with my primary account, the messages is automatically put in my Sent folder, so I just discard the bcc'd message. That's the first rule.

When I send mail with my secondary account, because I'm forwarding mail from my secondary account to my primary account, the bcc'd message is forwarded to the inbox of my primary account. The second rule above moves it to my Sent folder.

Print PDF to open Finder folder (Mac OS PDF Service)

I often convert documents to PDF using Mac OS's built-in print-to-PDF functionality. I usually want to save the PDF to the same folder as the original, and I often have this folder open in Finder.

It turns out that you can create "PDF Services" that appear in the print-to-PDF menu with Automator. Using a little bit of AppleScript, I created a PDF Service that will print-to-PDF and save in the folder open in the top-most Finder window.

To get this, download and unzip this zip file. Run the .workflow file that's inside the zip and choose "Install", or you can manually install it by adding the .workflow file to your ~/Library/PDF Services folder.

How to test FastMail "risk-free," running sent/received messages through Gmail

If you're thinking about switching from Gmail to FastMail, you can try out FastMail while still running everything through your Gmail account. This will allow you to try out FastMail without worrying about having any messages missing in Gmail if you decide you don't like it.

I am not official FastMail support, so proceed at your own risk.

  1. Forward all Gmail to Fastmail through the Gmail forwarding feature

  2. Set up a personality in FastMail that matches my Gmail address. It's in Settings > Advanced > Personalities in FastMail. The email address in this screen should match your Gmail address. Your external username is your full Gmail address.

  3. You can set your "Gmail" personality to the default if you want to always send mail from that account. You may need to go to Settings > Advanced > Account Preferences and scroll down to "From when replying" to set this on your desired setting to make sure the right personality is always used.

If you do this, you should receive all the mail sent to your Gmail in your FastMail account, and when you send outgoing mail it will be sent using Gmail's SMTP server so it will appear in your Gmail sent items.