How to enable old-style listing output in SAS 9.3 and best practices for sharing SAS output

Starting with version 9.3, SAS has switched to using the "new" ODS HTML-style output in favor of the "old" listing-style output format. While the new format is arguably easier to read, it may be more difficult to copy/paste into documents or emails.

How do you get the old-style listing output in SAS 9.3?

Add the following line to the very top of your SAS Editor file:

ods listing; /* Turn on old style output */

How to you avoid weird ƒ characters when copying/pasting listing output?

SAS uses a special font for displaying lines in listing output. If that font isn't available or isn't selected, you get strange characters instead of lines.

There are two ways to fix this. The first is to paste your SAS output into the form on, and then paste from the website into your document/email. This looks the best but requires an extra step.

The second is to add the following line to the top of your SAS Editor file. It doesn't look as good but it saves the extra step of the first method.

options formchar="|----|+|---+=|-/\<>*";

Here's what both look like:

Remember to use a monospaced font

If you paste SAS output into Microsoft Word or a similar editor, you should use a monospaced font like Courier New.

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