FastMail: Hide unread count for folder with a Userscript

I just wrote a JavaScript snippet to hide the unread count on folders in the FastMail web interface's sidebar. I use this with's Userscript support.

Here's the snippet:

window.mmHide = function() {
    jQuery('.FolderTree span:contains("Folder 1 name here") + .badge').hide();
    jQuery('.FolderTree span:contains("Folder 2 name here") + .badge').hide();
    // Duplicate previous line as needed

jQuery(function() {
    setTimeout(window.mmHide, 1000);
    setInterval(window.mmHide, 10000);

You'll need to also include jQuery as a Userscript. (You can just copy/paste the minified jQuery above this snippet in your Userscript.) I'm sure there's a non-jQuery way to do this but I already have jQuery available so this was easiest.

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