AppleScript to find FastMail tabs in Safari

I'm using the FastMail web interface more and more recently, but I keep losing the tab I keep it open in.

I found this AppleScript that is supposed to search Safari tabs based on the contents of a URL, but it gave me an error. So I fixed it (and hard-coded "" as the string to search for in the URL). I saved it as a .app file in Script Editor and trigger it with LaunchBar.

Update 1here's a (low-res) transparent icon pulled from FastMail's website that you can use for the .app created by Script Editor.

Update 2 (January 16, 2015): I've updated the script to fix a few bugs (like the window with the FastMail tab not actually coming to the front), and to automatically open FastMail in a new window if there isn't a current table open.

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3 responses
Why not just use Fluid (
> Why not just use Fluid ( I used to do this. There's some sort of bug in Fluid that will cause a draft email to be deleted if I click on a URL in it, which was a deal breaker for me. I also like the Safari download manger (for attachments) better than Fluid's.
This is an excellent Update and runs so much faster than previous versions. Thank you so much for sharing