Overlapping pie chart labels in Stata

I’m generating a large number of graphs with loops in a Do file. In some of my pie charts, the slice labels (percentages) overlap. I was looking for an easy way to either alternate the gap on the labels or to not display labels for slices less than a certain value. If I were just generating a few pie charts by hand, this wouldn’t be an issue: I would manually set which labels should appear. However, because I am doing this on a large scale, I need my Do file to either intelligently not display labels or alternate the gap. Easy fix for this one. Split the label commands up for each slice, some with gaps of 5. Extra ones are ignored.

graph pie varname, plabel(1 percent, format(%3.1f) color(white) size(medsmall)) plabel(2 percent, format(%3.1f) color(white) size(medsmall)) plabel(3 percent, format(%3.1f) color(white) size(medsmall) gap(5))